Pause App
PAUSE is an interactive app that can help you regain focus and release stress. By slowly and continuously moving your fingertip across the screen, PAUSE triggers the body’s ‘rest and digest’ response, helping you regain focus and release stress. The calming audiovisual feedback in the app is designed to help you keep your attention and focus.
Black Dog Institute Headgear App
The Black Dog Institute Headgear mobile phone app is designed to help you keep track of your mental wellbeing.
Breathe2Relax App
Breathe2Relax provides instructions for deep breathing exercises that can help reduce stress. Deep breathing has been shown to improve mood and deal with anger and anxiety. It can be used wherever you are, as a standalone tool or combined with other therapies.
Happify: for Stress & Worry App
Whether you're feeling sad, anxious and stressed, or you're dealing with constant negative thoughts, Happify app has effective tools and programs to help you take control of your emotional well being.
ReachOut WorryTime App
ReachOut WorryTime app. When you notice yourself worrying about something, add it to WorryTime and get on with your day.